IMPRESSA XJ5 Professional

Coffee for purists

If you want to add an attractive specialist espresso/coffee machine to your team, you can’t afford to miss the IMPRESSA XJ5 Professional.

This coffee machine is the ideal solution for satisfying coffee purists who are quite particular about their coffee, espresso and ristretto. With its perfect design, it integrates seamlessly into any environment.

Thanks to the simple, clear operating concept, users can enjoy perfect coffee in no time.

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Barista quality drinks

The Jura Impressa XJ5 is a professional quality black coffee and espresso specialist machine. it does not serve milk based beverages. Made in Switzerland by Jura, the machine incorporates the latest technologies into its elegant black and silver design. Serves up to 100 cups a day.

Clear Operating Concept

The simple, clear operating concept ensures you can enjoy perfect coffee in no time as the Jura Impressa XJ5 Professional prepares coffee, ristretto and espresso with incredible ease at the touch of a button. The operating panel has just a few direct selection buttons but with these buttons you can select to have either one or two cups of your desired coffee in a matter of seconds.


Designed to create the ultimate coffee, espresso and ristretto, the IMPRESSA XJ5 Professional prepares all these varieties with incredible ease at the touch of a button, thanks to its operating panel with direct selection buttons. It can prepare either one or two cups at the same time, depending on what you require.

The IMPRESSA XJ5 Professional also delivers outstanding performance with its sophisticated eco-intelligence concept. Offering an intelligent Energy Save Mode and a Zero-Energy Switch, it actively helps you to save precious energy.

Intelligent Freshwater System

The Intelligent Fresh Water System (I.F.W.S.©) is needed to use the unique Intelligent Fresh Water Kit. This latest-generation, smart permanent water connection supplies fresh water for a superior quality coffee every time. Because it can be fully integrated in the coffee machine, it requires no extra space.

Combined with an upstream CLARIS water-filtering system, it provides optimum protection against limescale and supplies the best quality water.


As well as being easy to operate and programme, the machine is designed to be very easy to care for.
The integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programmes reduce the effort involved to a minimum and guarantee TÜVcertified hygiene.

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