The A850 FoamMaster™

Fully automatic coffee machine 1 or 2 or 3 coffee grinders; 1 or 2 powder dosing systems

With the FoamMaster™, Franke has totally redefined professional coffee making. Thanks to a startlingly large touch screen, operating the unit becomes a wonderful experience. Customizable user interfaces, adaptable menus and the simple placement of advertising messages revolutionize interaction with the coffee machine. Inside the unit, powerful components ensure you get the perfect crema, delicious milk foam and a virtually endless variety of coffee flavor.

The FoamMaster™ coffee maker with milk frother is your key to virtually infinite beverage options, including flavored milk and coffee specialties: from a perfect latte macchiato through to a classic espresso or a refreshing strawberry milk, and much, much more.

Discover the advantages of the FoamMaster 850

Intuitive and inspiring

Whether in self-service or service mode, the FoamMaster 850 provides valuable assistance to your team. The intuitive and inspiring menu navigation and the unique presentation of your range of beverages will delight your customers.

  • Choose from three different user interfaces
  • Clear instant selections: The 10.4-inch touch screen makes it possible to manage your range of beverages through an attractive selection of images
  • Perfectly designed to handle hectic everyday food-service operations: large orders can be entered simply in a single step
  • The FoamMaster 850 supports and reduces the workload of your service staff, minimizing errors and enabling maximum use of your coffee machine’s capacity

Efficient and flexible

The touch screen coffee maker is easy to operate and can be configured flexibly to suit your needs.

  • The FoamMaster™ makes the perfect milk foam in the desired consistency, plus hot and cold milk for outstanding beverage creations (handles two types of milk)
  • Chocolate powder dispensing system: With a double chamber for two different types of powder
  • Up to three precision bean grinders with ceramic discs for uniform grinding results
  • Flavor-station with automatic dosing of three types of coffee syrup
  • Simple cleaning: The large touch screen shows each individual step and guides you intelligibly through the cleaning process (conforms to HACCP)

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