Ground to Perfection

The extensive range of Fracino grinders ensures that every freshly ground coffee requirement can be met, from the finest creamy espresso to the cafetière, from the filter coffee to the connoisseur blend and from the café and restaurant environment to the delicatessen.

All Fracino grinders are manufactured from the highest quality materials, to exacting standards, enabling optimum grinding for any coffee type or location.

Machine Models

Model B / T/ S
Manufactured from polished stainless steel, with adjustable grinder blades and portion control. Coffee is dispensed into the filter holder with a flick lever mechanism. The models B and T are manually controlled, whereas the model S has an automatic cut off level.
This speciality grinder is ideal for dispensing specialist or decaffeinated blends directly into the filter holder, ensuring gourmet blends are served at optimum freshness. The grinder blades are fully adjustable. Also available with a dispenser for low volume outlets.
Luxo / Luxomatic Silent Grinders
The Luxo and Luxomatic grinders are perfectly suited for use in the more intimate settings. Equipped with the most sophisticated sound proofing technology, these elegant looking grinders will grind at just 55 decibels, resulting in consistently ground coffee, with little background noise. The Luxo model is fitted with a dispenser. The Luxomatic offers touch screen selection for single or double espresso Grind on Demand operation.
The Marfil standard comes with the same specification as the Model S. The Marfil chrome high power grinder quickly grinds large quantities of coffee into the dispenser. Suitable for supreme quality of ground coffee in high quantities throughout the day.
K Series
The extensive K series automatic grinders are manufactured from die-cast polished and painted aluminium and are a stylish complement to the Fracino range. The K3 model is available as a single shot or automatic grinder, encompassing a reservoir for ground coffee. The coffee is dispensed using a stylish aluminium flick lever mechanism set to the dose required by the customer. The models K6 and K8 are also available in silver or polished versions and the model K10 has conical grinding blades for the expert barista. All models have adjustable grinding blades.
EOD Series
Its features include a micrometric adjustment for precise dosing, multi language touch screen, automatic pre-selection of timed grinding, 2 working modes, refill button and an active password. The EOD range delivers 7 grams in 2.1 seconds.
Model F8 / F10
Designed to grind roasted coffee beans on demand in order to obtain the freshest and best quality coffee possible. Each grinder has an numerical display that allows micrometric adjustment of the grinder blades to produce coarse or fine coffee according to preference.
The Deli grinders are suitable for grinding all blends of coffee to be retailed by the bag and are available in three different sizes dependent on usage and volume. All models are suitable for espresso through to filter grind. The low volume deli grinder will grind 4 – 6 kilos per hour with a maximum running time of 20 minutes. The medium volume deli grinder will grind 6 – 10 kilos per hour with a maximum running time of 30 minutes. The high volume deli grinder is made entirely from stainless steel and has a unique vibration mechanism to ensure coffee settles into the bag. It will dispense between 10 and 15 kilos per hour with a maximum running time of 30 minutes.
The free standing and wall mounted dispensers have adjustable portion control for pre-ground coffee. Fracino’s unique free standing chocolate dispenser is designed to accurately and efficiently measure directly into the cup or glass.
For connoisseurs wishing to serve the freshest filter or cafetière coffee. It is fully programmable, with four different options for timed dispense quantities with a manual button for on-demand grinding and adjustable grinder blades.

Technical Specification

Model Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Hopper Capacity Dispencer Capacity 7g Shot Times (sec) Motor RPM/Watt Grinding Blades
B 470mm 210mm 380mm 1kg 300g N/A 1300/275w 60mm flat
T 560mm 180mm 310mm 1kg 600g N/A 1300/275w 60mm flat
S 615mm 180mm 310mm 2kg 600g N/A 1300/356w 60mm flat
Luxo 625mm 285mm 405mm 1kg 600g N/A 1300/400w 60mm flat
Luxomatic 625mm 285mm 405mm N/A 600g N/A 1300/400w 60mm flat
K3 Elite 495mm 170mm 365mm 800g 200g N/A 1340/210w 58mm flat
K3 Touch Advanced OD 495mm 170mm 365mm 800g N/A 6.79 1340/210w 58mm flat
K6 Professional Espresso 635mm 215mm 400mm 1.7kg 300g N/A 1395/240w 64mm flat
K8 Silent Professional Espresso 635mm 215mm 400mm 1.7kg 300g N/A 1325/400w 83mm flat
K10 Conical Professional Espresso 635mm 215mm 400mm 1.7kg 300g N/A 1300/800w 68mm conical
E6 On Demand 635mm 215mm 400mm 1.7kg N/A 2.1 1325/730w 64mm flat
E8 On Demand 635mm 215mm 400mm 1.7kg N/A 1.6 1325/730w 83mm flat
E10 Conical on Demand 635mm 215mm 400mm 1.7kg N/A 1.9 325/800w 68mm conical
F8 On Demand 660mm 215mm 400mm 1.9kg N/A 1.6 1325/730w 83mm flat
F10 Conical on Demand 660mm 215mm 400mm 1.9kg N/A 1.9 325/800w 68mm conical
Tranquilo single shot 410mm 170mm 340mm 500g N/A N/A 1300/270w 60mm flat
Tranquilo dispenser 410mm 170mm 340mm 500g 300g N/A 1300/270w 60mm flat
Marfil INOX Classic 600mm 210mm 380mm 2kg 600g N/A 1300/365w 60mm flat
Deli Grinder High Volume 605mm 210mm 250mm 500g 20kg N/A 1300/980w 65mm flat
Deli Grinder Medium Volume 700mm 210mm 380mm 2kg 10kg N/A 1300/680w 65mm flat
Deli Grinder Low Volume 600mm 210mm 380mm 2kg 3kg N/A 1300/365w 60mm flat
Wall Mounted Coffee Dispenser 345mm 145mm 185mm N/A 600g N/A N/A N/A
Free Standing Coffee Dispenser 345mm 145mm 310mm N/A 600g N/A N/A N/A
Chocolate Dispenser 515mm 190mm 245mm N/A 600g N/A N/A N/A
Filtercaf 445mm 205mm 370mm 1 or 2kg 4 timed shots N/A 1300/356w 60mm flat

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